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TeleAce is one and only authorized partners of LiveBox for Singapore and Vietnam. Livebox is the best live media / live streaming/ video conferencing solution available today that helps in streamlining any content creation and distribution workflow.
By using livebox within your business, organization, schools, channel, studio or TV station, you can straight away reduce your existing costs by over 50% because of the competitive pricing of the service and the ability to deploy instant solutions for your clients with the most minimal learning curve.
Livebox is built for high performance and requires no performance tuning. Livebox has in-built security features that can be simply turned on for different scenarios.
The all new LiveBox is extremely smooth and delivers your content cached at high speed to multiple destinations.

Video Conferencing

• Ability to share virtual whiteboard with your peers
• Able to share your screen or any application window you want
• able to use the chat option within the live conference


free platforms like Youtube and facebook don’t offer many key features that most businesses and serious broadcasters require and can’t satisfy all of the needs of larger businesses.

many schools, businesses, and other settings block Youtube and Facebook because they are social media platforms.

Professional online video hosting offers advanced security features, enables complex monetization schemes via integrated paywalls and includes tools to ease integration with existing workflows. With server bandwidth limits, file storage capacities, and limited video format options, free hosting platforms do not.


professional platforms offer technical supports.

Multi-Channel Streaming

• CDN Chaining and CDN failover
• Multi-Channel live recording
• Live & VOD Transcoding
• IP Camera and digital video integrations
• Compatible with FMLE,OBS Studio, VMix, Wirecast & hardware encoders
• Multi-protocol Support: HLS, DASH, RTMP, RTSP & UDP

Live TV Channel Playout Software

• Schedule and automate TV Channels
• Ability to organize AD breaks
• Export to external monitor, video output, Livebox and more
• Built-in-CG-editor to add scrolling text and overlays
• Supports input from files or devices in SD,HD or 4K plus

Live Video Mixing Software

• Mix multiple videos, streams and hardware input sources, supports SD,HD or 4K plus
• PIP and transition effects for mixing
• Built-in character generator for overlaying graphics and tickers
• Advanced Audio Mixer for multi-channel audio mixing

IPTV Kit- Includes IPTV Panel, Subscription management and Apps

• Channels, categories and subscription management
• Automated remote video receivers for satellite integration
• Linux and Android IPTV box management
• Branded Installable IPTV app
• Integrated payment gateway

Branded Mobile Apps

• Android encoder to capture and stream from your android phone
• Adaptive bitrate streaming & advanced encoding settings on the phone
• Android app for your client to view the live stream
• IOS app for your client to view events
• IPTV app for subscribers to watch live TV in Android , IOS , Linux or PC


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Cloud provides the speed you need to become a digital business. TeleAce helps you achieve this faster and with less risk.

TeleAce guarantees achieving the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness, scalability, and business sustainability

TeleAce helps you achieve business continuity and highly reliable way of continue working.