Business Process Automation

TeleAce as an Atlassian partner offers business process automation using Atlassian product, including process defining to suit the detailed work flow and flow chart for your business need

JIRA is a "workflow engine that allows you to track issues or tasks through a predefined, customizable workflow" JIRA CORE offers templates for different types of business functions: Project management, task management, content management, recruitment, document approval, Lead tracking, procurement and process management. all of these templates can be used to build out business processes in a very organic way. TeleAce will help you to fine tune things exactly the way you want.

JIRA CORE is flexible, need a lot of fine-tuning and often be a stumbling block for non-IT teams. TeleAce will help you to bridge the gap in defining processes, mapping the processes in JIRA, apply successful automations and fine tuning. 


Use cases for JIRA core include tracking Human Resources services requests, processing job applicants, managing Marketing campaigns or financial processes, handling vendor management, tracking legal cases, and much more.

JIRA core is also well-suited for business processes that are completely digital, such as automating the entire e-commerce sales process, from taking the order to scheduling the drop shipment from the vendor.

Below diagram shows a simple process flow for an IoT waste collection process flow designed using the Jira core task tracking template.

JIRA Core Templates

Project Management

Manage activities for completing a business project. Use it for time-based or deliverable-based projects.

Task Tracking

Organize tasks for a team or a personal project. Treat it like a long to-do list.

Process control

Track activities and tasks for recurring processes. Suitable for processes that have defined steps.

Content Management

Manage the content life cycle from draft to delivery. Perfect for content requiring review and approval.


Monitor candidates from application to offer. Suites team that frequently hire new people.

Document Approval

Manage documents from creation to approval. Ideal for policies contracts, or any critical document.

Lead Tracking

Track sales opportunities through to conversions. Excellent for managing small sales teams.


Track all purchases from request to receipt. Ideal for formalizing your purchasing process.

Frequency Asked Questions

It’s a collection of linked tasks which find their end in the delivery of a service or product that, once completed, will accomplish an organizational goal.

It is to ensure consistency. Like a checklist that ensures the right things get done by the right people at the right time.

Why you need a Business Process Automation

To eliminate paper work, maximize productivity of tasks that only people can do, minimize the cost, increase the efficiency, and streamline the processes.

Use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced.